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Our Mission

Quality Free Civil Legal Services for the Community through Partnership and Innovation

Step Up to Justice is a full-service free civil legal center for low-income individuals and families in Pima County, powered by the talents of volunteer attorneys and the efficient use of technology and funding. A public service by private citizens, Step Up to Justice harnesses the energy of volunteer attorneys and channels that resource to members of the community who need but cannot afford legal services.  Step Up to Justice relies on innovation in technology to bring civil legal services to clients where and when they need them. By targeting funds at the infrastructure necessary to connect clients in need with volunteers ready to help, Step Up to Justice reaches clients, recruits volunteers, builds partnerships, and provides free civil legal services efficiently and at a low cost.

Step Up to Justice delivers uplifting and affirmative experiences to all stakeholders.  Clients feel respected, heard, understood, and confident that they have a strong advocate to help them navigate a complicated legal system. Volunteers engage in inspiring, state-of-the-art volunteer opportunities that are worthy of time and dedication. Community partners such as courts, schools, and social services are able to share resources and yield better results for clients, volunteers and the Pima County community.

Step Up to Justice is founded on the belief that the infrastructure needed to bridge the gap between volunteers and clients must be robust, innovative and committed in order to be effective. The optimized delivery of free civil legal service requires efficient and careful financial stewardship. Step Up to Justice maximizes the return on investment made by donors by continually asking, “How can we direct quality free civil legal services to the most people in need at the lowest cost?” Step Up to Justice staff think positively, are motivated to solve problems and enjoy challenges. They assume ownership for their work and the work of the organization, and are proud to be a part of the mission. 

Step Up to Justice is ground-breaking, forward-thinking and committed to advancing efforts to secure equal access to justice for all.