Our Appreciation



On behalf of the clients we serve, we thank our inaugural Blue Sky Circle donors for helping launch Step Up to Justice.

Step Up to Justice is a full-service free civil legal center for low-income individuals and families in Pima County, powered by the talents of volunteer attorneys. Through careful financial stewardship and technology designed to bring civil legal services to clients where and when they need them, Step Up to Justice builds connections between clients, attorneys and community partners. Step Up to Justice is ground-breaking, forward-thinking and committed to advancing efforts to secure equal access to justice for all.



Hon. Karen Adam
Nate & Aimee Allen
Nancy Anderstrom
Barbara Atwood
Robert Barrasso
hon. renee bennett
Jennifer Bentley
Elizabeth Berenguer
Hon. Lisa Bibbens
Renee Bibby
William Boyd
Geraldine Brennan
Pat & Jan Broom
Augy Butler
Izzy Butler
Stacy Butler
jim butler
Pat Butler & Debbie goodman-butler
Randi Burnett
Anna Ceder
Kristi Ceder
Yvonne Chacon
Hon. Nikki Chayet
Leslie Christian
Hon. Dean Christoffel
Ben & Erika Colombi
Steve Cox
Nemuel Cruz
Hon. Fred Dardis
lynne davies
Dan & Jennifer Dessent
Jose & Socorro Diaz
Krista Diaz
Joseph Diaz
Alex dery-chaffin & maya ah king-shota
lisa duran
Peter Economidis
Ari & Gabrielle Erbst
jane espinoza
Ali farhang
isaac figueroa & simone krame
robert fischer
Lysbeth & Ryan Floden
Kristine Fox
Dan Gauthier
Karen Geiger
patricia gerrich
Robert glaser & laurie kaye glaser
Amy Glicken
Kevin & Kristin Greenwood
Stephanie Griffith
Dianne Grobstein
Todd & Rebecca Hanley
Andrew & Veronica Heideman
Ariel Henderson
Emily Hess
Kathy & John Heyl
Megan Hill
Adriane Hofmeyr
Hon. Eileen Hollowell
Dan Huff
Eric Jabloner
Deborah howard jacob & jeff jacob
Bob Johnstone
Jay Kittle
Timothy & Emily Kinney
Abe Lai
Amy Lederman
Lisa Schriner Lewis
Douglas B. Levy
Pam Liberty
Sarah LoRang

Ann Lovell
Andrew Maccabe
James & Rachel MacAdam
Vince & Jennifer Mancuso
Margaret Martin
toni massaro
Hon. Margaret Maxwell
Michael & Kelly McCormick
Marlene McDonough
Kathleen McDonough
Rana McGoldrick & Kelly Doty
Heather McIntyre
Christy & Bryan Mele
Patrick & Holly Merrin
amelie messingham
Marc Miller
Michele Mirto
Harvey Moltz
Angela Moore
roscoe mutz
Kevin & Anna Nichols
Hon. Karen Nygaard
Luis Ochoa
Jim and Debbie Osterholt
elizabeth parsons
Hon. Alyce Pennington
Juan Perez-Medrano
Michael & Bridget Peyton
James Pifer
Steve Portell
marjorie poyck
Sharon Rauseo
Sally Rider
Howard T. Roberts, Jr.
Nathan & Jenny Rothschild
Mark Rubin
Hugh and Melanie Rupprecht
Kevin & Candice Rupprecht
Dee-Dee Samet
Lex & Carol Sears
Dev Sethi
Denice Shepherd
Amy Shiner
Jim Shiner
Mika Shiner
Michael Shiner
Andrew Silverman
Ken Silverman
Jason Simon
sarah singer
Daniela Siqueiros
Ben Smith
Melissa Spiller-Shiner
Heather Strickland
Matthew & Stefanie Teller
Lisa Anne Trudinger-Smith
Merle Turchik
Hon. Bernardo Velasco
Jonelle Vold
Kevin Volk
Terry & Holly von Guilleaume
William Walker
Diane Wangelin
Chris Ward
hon. nanette warner
David West
Sarah Wright
Hon. Jennifer & Dave Zipps



Step Up to Justice secures matching gift from anonymous donor

We would like to thank an anonymous donor for pledging $20,000.00! This very generous and meaningful gift will enable Step Up to Justice to connect low-income individuals and families with volunteer attorneys. The gift will change lives. Victims of domestic violence, children in need of a guardian, and others trying to navigate the legal system on their own will now have an advocate to guide them and ensure that they receive much needed legal assistance.

SU2J must match this gift in order to receive it! If you know someone who may be interested in access to justice issues, please let them know about this amazing opportunity to help SU2J secure this gift.  It’s as simple as calling a friend or sharing the opportunity on your social media.   Anyone interested in donating toward the match can do so by visiting Step Up to Justice’s website at http://www.stepuptojustice.org/donate/.   SU2J must meet the challenge by December 31, 2017.

Again, many thanks to this donor for his generosity and commitment to access to justice.