Step Up to Justice

the reach of pro bono
civil legal services.

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Our Mission

Step Up to Justice is an award winning, full-service, free civil legal center for low-income individuals and families in Pima County, powered by the talents of volunteer attorneys. Through careful financial stewardship and technology designed to bring civil legal services to clients where and when they need them, Step Up to Justice builds connections between clients, attorneys and community partners. Step Up to Justice is ground-breaking, forward-thinking and committed to advancing efforts to secure equal access to justice for all. Read our full mission

Who We Serve

SU2J is positioned to fill a gap and expand on existing resources in pro bono legal services. There are many clients who cannot be served by other pro bono services due to conflicts of interests, or are otherwise ineligible yet are still in need of legal assistance. 

The Need

200,000 Pima County residents live in poverty. 140,000 of them have at least one civil legal need per year.

Current service models provide assistance to less than 4% of those in need. Current service models utilize less than 20% of the available volunteers.


“Our ability to end
injustice is directly tied to our capacity to create hope.”


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3,111 Applicants Served |   1,024 Client Clinics   |   193 Volunteer Attorneys

January 1, 2017 - September 30, 2019


Ready to help?




Organizational Goals for 2019


Recruit an additional 25 volunteer attorneys.  


Help 1,750 clients.


Grow community partnerships. 


Incorporate innovative technology into client and volunteer experiences. 



Step Up To Justice has earned Guidestar’s Platinum Seal in recognition of our commitment to transparency.
Please visit our Guidestar page for more information.